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Stability is what the economy needs. I pursue a philosophy of sustainable growth and welfare, and will support measures ....
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Over the last decade we have witnessed our Government and political parties ignore the voice of the people. We saw it with Iraq, when around two million protestors gathered in the streets of London, their voices were simply ignored. And again, with Heathrow’s third runway, despite protests from the people the Government still wished to approve the project, it took a High Court ruling for the Government to respect the people’s wishes. 
We witnessed disrespect from all parties when the expenses scandal was so gruesomely exposed. MPs, it seemed, held little respect for taxpayers money. Flipping their second homes to make a quick buck, charging the taxpayer thousands of pounds for their household refurbishments, and now the very MPs who were found to be in breach of the rules are charging us, the taxpayer, for their legal fees.
This needs to change.

I am standing to be your MP for Tooting to restore trust in Politics, and to live up to the age old definition of what a member of parliament should be. I wish to be a representative of the people, a local person who has put themselves forward in order to be the people’s voice in Parliament. Not an echo of a political party, who would simply be a drowned out voice seeking prestige, and suppressing the people’s interest for the party’s. 

My vote, would be you, the people’s vote. I pledge to hold regular meetings, particularly in the run up to controversial bills, to listen to your views in the hope of reaching a pragmatic decision. I am after all not seeking promotion. I am not looking to be transport minister or Prime minister and will not therefore seek to impress, I will merely vote in Tooting’s interest, your interest.
I pledge not to abuse my expenses, my life would continue as it is now; I will not replace buses and tubes for taxis or chauffeurs. Furthermore, I intend to regularly publish my expenses online, as I believe in transparency.
The financial crisis was made worse by reckless behaviour from many in the financial sector, we now have the largest budget deficit we have seen in decades. It is important for us to reduce this deficit, whilst ensuring funding is not cut from front line services. I pursue a philosophy of sustainable growth and welfare, it is important for our businesses to remain competitive and prosper, yet at the same time, we must help and support those left behind.  Every one of us makes mistakes and it is important to offer the necessary help to enable us to get back on our feet.
I also believe in equality, and wish to see an end of discrimination. The gender pay gap in the City of London needs to be tackled, a part time female worker still gets paid less than her male counter parts. This needs to change.

If you elect me to Parliament, I promise to be your voice. I pledge to always keep you informed on issues regarding Tooting and try my ultimate best to improve services in the Constituency and remain accountable to you, the people